October 24, 2021

New stop signs for C’ville

Todd R. McAdam/managing editor

Cars pass each other Wednesday on Bennie Road at Walden Oaks Boulevard in Cortlandville. The town board discussed adding flashing lights to the recently installed stop signs to warn traffic of the intersection.

The Cortlandville Town Board voted Wednesday to install two flashing stop signs on Bennie Road at Walden Oaks Boulevard following a discussion regarding the safety of the intersection.

The board unanimously agreed, 5-0, for the town to spend $5,000 to buy the signs, which would be more visible than the current signs, which have small orange caution lights and flags.

Board member Douglas Withey said he’s spoken with Tony Dilucci, the president of the Walden Oaks Homeowners Association, who had received many complaints of people speeding or not stopping at the stop signs.

“We’ve done, I think, everything we can do on the town’s end to remediate other issues that have come up,” Withey said.

While Withey said the signs are visible, there wouldn’t be any harm in installing stop signs with flashing lights to try to alleviate the problem.

Bennie Road residents have previously shared their frustration and concern over speeding drivers on the street, which helped lead to the installation of stop signs in November.

Resident John Conway spoke at past town board meetings and said that drivers going east to west can exceed the 30 mph speed limit.

Conway installed a speed radar in his yard last year to monitor vehicles driving past.

The data from the sign are transmitted weekly to his business, Conway Construction on Route 13 in Freeville, and show the speeds of about 16,000 vehicles each week.

Many vehicles were moving at 50 mph or more in the 30 mph zone.

The town installed stop signs at the intersection, though the issue of speeding, and the new issue of drivers not stopping at the stop signs have been brought to the town’s attention as well.

The town also submitted a request to the state Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit on the road — which is 45 mph east of Walden Oaks Boulevard and 30 mph west of it — according to a Jan. 11 letter.

Withey said before the meeting the study of a reduction of the speed limit along with recommendations could take up to a year and a half.

After that, the speed limit would need approval from the town board, the Cortland County Legislature and the state, Supervisor Tom Williams said.