October 25, 2021

C’ville committee looks to add to town Hall of Fame

Colin Spencer/staff reporter

Cortlandville Town Clerk Kristin Rocco-Petrella and Town Supervisor Tom Williams look at the plaques of the Town Hall of Fame on Thursday inside Cortlandville’s Raymond G. Thorpe Municipal Building. The town recently created the Hall of Fame committee to help nominate other members to the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame inside Cortlandville’s Raymond G. Thorpe Municipal Building now only has two members — Catherine Wickwire and John Folmer.

Wickwire, the former longtime planning board chairwoman and Folmer, the former longtime town attorney, are up there for their service and dedication to the town, town Supervisor Tom Williams said. Their pictures and descriptions help personalize the building, which Williams said can otherwise be quite sterile.

As a way to help add to the names in the hall, the Cortlandville Town Board will establish a hall of fame committee to nominate members to expand the wall and recognize the people who have made a positive contribution to the town.

“We’ve had some pretty incredible people contribute to the town throughout the years and they should be honored,” said Town Clerk Kristin Rocco-Petrella.

The Hall of Fame was created in 2018 and Folmer, following his retirement, was the first added to it, but there was no clear nomination process, Williams said.

The new committee, which includes Folmer, Wickwire and Rocco-Petrella, will help with that. The three will review nominations and send their recommendation along to the town board for action.

The honored people will see their plaque installed in the town hall and join the Hall of Fame committee to help select future members.

The committee now seeks nominations to fill two more spots on the committee, Williams said.

“I think the committee is eager to serve the town well,” Folmer said.

Folmer, the town attorney from 1979 to 1983 and 1994 to 2018, said there were more deserving people than him to have been nominated to the Hall of Fame and the committee, but he looks forward to his chance to help expand the hall.

Nominations can be sent in by anyone and the person nominated doesn’t have to live in the town but have positively contributed to the town, Folmer said. Nominations should be sent in writing to the town clerk with the attention to the Hall of Fame committee.

Additionally, justification as why the person is being nominated should be included.

Current members of town government are not eligible to be nominated.

Williams said he hopes to get all nominations by June 2 and have the town board act on them by June 16, with a dedication ceremony in July.

“There are a lot of people in the general public who served the town well and this is a way to do it,” Folmer said.