December 2, 2021

Guthrie: $1 million challenge grant met by donors

Guthrie Cortland Medical Center Logo

Guthrie announced Monday that donations have matched a $1 million challenge grant from an anonymous donor to help with a new cancer center at Guthrie Cortland Medical Center.

The anonymous donor will be revealed in April, Guthrie said Monday in a news release.

Guthrie officials planned to discuss the benefits of the donation and the cancer center at a news conference earlier today.

Construction of the $10.6 million, 10,825-square-foot cancer center on West Main Street began in September. When completed, the facility will include multidisciplinary care in radiation and oncology treatments, with six exam rooms, an exam and procedure room and a patient meeting room. It will include a new linear accelerator.

The donation will be used to pay for equipment upgrades, software and advanced training for staff, among other things, said officials of the hospital and its foundation in December, when the challenge grant was announced.

The project is part of $100 million investments Guthrie promised in 2018 when it announced a pending affiliation with the then-Cortland Regional Medical Center. It began operation last fall of a $41 million electronic records system.