December 5, 2021

Spring athletics set to kick off this week

Various sports balls/equipment stock

Spring sports get underway this week, and with sectional championships finally up for grabs again, teams will have more to play for than just pride.


Head coach: George Schneider

Assistant coaches: Jennie Guy, Brooke Head, Brittany Lamie, Casey LaNave, Paul Andre

Boys’ top returners: Ethan Lowell, sr., mid-distance, distance and triple jump; Jed Swayze, sr., mid-distance and distance; Tommy Mahunik, jr., mid-distance; David Morse, jr., sprints; Jonah Campos, so., throws and mid-distance; Dylan Pittsley, so., sprints and throws.

Girls’ top returners: Brianna Cash, sr., sprints and mid-distance; Claudia Card, sr., sprints and long jump; Becky Jones, sr., mid-distance and triple jump; Julie McGory, sr., sprints and long jump; Edie Russo, sr., sprints, triple jump and pole vault; Emma Anderson, jr., distance and 400-meter hurdles; Hannah McMasters, jr., shot put and discus; Camdyn Cole, so., sprints, jumps and pole vault.

Boys’ promising newcomers: Andrew Lynch Jr., jr., throws and sprints; Zane Moheimani, jr., sprints and field events; Gabe Austin, so., sprints and high jump; Orie Bush, so., sprints and throws; Alden Lowell, so., throws; Damian Brown, fr., discus; Anderson Lowell, fr., distance and shot put; Gabe O’Donnell, fr., hurdles, sprints and jumps; Cooper VanDee, fr., long sprints, mid-distance and discus.

Girls’ promising newcomers: Sydney Scanlon, jr., sprints and jumps; Cece Berkey, so., throws and sprints; Brielle Gilbert, so., sprints and horizontal jumps; Jane Gugerty, so., sprints, hurdles, jumpes and pole vault; Emma Rahner, so., distance; Morgan Robideau, so., sprints and horizontal jumps; Morgan Simmons, so. sprints, jumps and discus; Paige Simmons, so., throws; Taylor Chisholm, fr., sprints, hurdles and shot put; Mayshelle Hyde, fr., shot put and discus; Maggie Mahunik, fr., runs; Alyssa Swayze, fr., distance and mid-distance.

Schneider: “This year’s outdoor team is working hard to learn their events as quickly as possible. We currently have fifteen team members which makes for a very small track and field team. Some team members haven’t competed in a sport since the spring of 2019. Most team members are not in peak condition as we head into our first meet on Wednesday. With only eight practices between the first day and our first meet, we are really in uncharted territory. We usually have four weeks to prepare for our first competition. I am sure that our athletes will give it their best each week and I expect to see a great amount of improvement as the season progresses.”


Head coach: Corey Wilson (first season) 2018-19 record: 15-7, won Section 3 Class D championship

Top returners: Mike Levitskiy, sr.; Mason Eaton, sr.; Josh Parks, sr.

Promising newcomers: Nate Stiles, so.; Blake Bergey, so.; Nick Sutton, so.; Jayden Bassett, fr.

Wilson: “We are going to look for (the seniors’) guidance and leadership capabilities to help push this team to compete this year. Overall, I’m very pleased with the leadership between our three leaders. They do a great job setting the tone for our team and getting our players going at each practice. We have a young team this year and without an off-season program due to COVID our players have not been on a baseball field over a year. Players to watch out this year in our program are Nate Stiles, Blake Bergey, Nick Sutton, and Jayden Bassett. These four have a lot of baseball experience and were on the Crown City Little League all-star team that won a District 8 championships. Pitching is going to be the key for success with this group. Overall, we have a team that should be very competitive throughout the season.”


Head coach: Nancy J. Cavellier

Top returners: Elijah Smith, sr.; Spencer Rusyniak, jr.; Raymond Meng, jr.; Jacob Camp, jr.; Conor Powers, jr.; Brandon McLaughlin, jr.;

Promising newcomers: Nik Kruman, so.; Matt Fagerheim, so.; Jackson Henderson, so.; Aaron Lener, so.; Jake Guay, fr.

Cavellier: “(This is a) young team with a lot of talent.”