October 22, 2021

C’ville sets hearing on comprehensive plan

The Cortlandville Town Board will have a public hearing June 16 on the draft of the town’s updated comprehensive plan, the board decided Wednesday.

The town last updated its comprehensive plan in 1978.

The new plan was initially presented in early 2020 but work on it was delayed for most of the year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new plan features areas of action including:

Reviewing, updating and adopting new aquifer and wellhead protections.

Updating district boundaries and district language to include uses.

Creating a new Conservation Residential district that provides a transition between rural and developed areas.

Identify a location for a town or community center.

Continue to participate in the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.

Before the vote to schedule the hearing, resident Bob Martin asked the board to have a hearing as soon as possible.

To view the plan
Visit tinyurl.com/yd3bahfv.

“The comprehensive plan has an impact on solar installations and the current moratorium and revisions to our solar law,” he read from a statement.

Board member Douglas Withey said the town should advertise to make people aware of the hearing.

“This is very, very important that the public gets involved with this,” he said.

Town Clerk Kristin Rocco-Petrella said a legal notice will be posted in the Cortland Standard, as is practice, and a notice will also be posted on the town’s Instagram page, townofcortlandville, and the town website, www.cortlandville.org.

No work has been done on or regarding the plan since January, said Nasrin Parvizi, the chairwoman of the Comprehensive Plan Committee, before the meeting.

A workshop in January featured a presentation by CHA Consulting Inc., the consulting firm hired by Cortlandville to assist on the plan.

The presentation focused on recommended items for the plan including developing criteria for mixed-use zoning along routes 11 and 13 and expanding broadband access in the town.

“As it stands, we would have to wait for the public hearing to make changes at one time,” she said.

The plan, she said, is to help give direction for the economic and residential growth of the town over the next few decades.

A public hearing is required before the comprehensive plan can be adopted, Parvizi said.