October 21, 2021

Get lost in the adventure

Trinity Valley corn maze opens for the season

Valerie Puma/staff reporter

A couple walks toward the entrance to the corn maze, a fall tradition at Trinity Valley Dairy and Country Store in East Homer. This fall, the corn stalks are taller than they’ve been in years, expanding across nearly 15 acres to provide three different maze paths for visitors.

From the moment he arrived at Trinity Valley Dairy Farm, Henry Donah, 10, was jumping with excitement.

“I want to get lost in the corn maze,” Donah said Saturday, opening day for the maze in Truxton. Tagging along with his best friend, Jace Martin, 11, the boys planned to run ahead of the rest of the family to be the first to finish this year’s maze game.

Martin’s mom, Jessica Burlingame, of Marathon, brings her kids to Trinity Valley every fall to enjoy the playground, go on the train ride around the farm and wear themselves out in the corn maze.

“We usually get pretty tired by the end of it,” Burlingame said. “It’s not just a maze, they have things to do all along the way.”

Burlingame walked with her 3-year-old daughter, Kelcie, as the boys planned their maze strategy. This year, there are three maze paths across 15 acres, ranging from a half-mile beginner maze to a 2.4-mile mega maze, shaped like a jack o’ lantern and mummy.

“It’s really fun,” Burlingame said.

The third path is the mile-long Frankenstein’s Monster Maze Challenge, in which visitors can play a game and possibly win a free doughnut.

“The game has kind of gone back and forth over the years, and there’s a couple of different games this year,” said Kelsi Poole, a Trinity Valley employee.

“This year we’re doing a game kind of like Clue — in the challenge maze there’s going to be different checkpoints and you have to try and figure out who took the farmer, with what weapon and where they did it. People really seem to enjoy that game.”

A new bounce house and basketball hoops have been added near the playground, and families can buy concessions and fresh food from the snack shack on weekends or stop inside the country store for other goodies.

If you go

  • When: Through Oct. 31.
  • Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday-Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays.
  • Where: Trinity Valley Dairy Farm, 2847 Route 13, Truxton.
  • Price: $7 on Thursdays and Fridays. $9 on weekends, which includes the corn maze, hay ride, tractor train rides and access to all the playground and educational areas.

“We’ve had quite a few sponsors that have donated this year. Everybody has been such a big part of making this happen and we appreciate the community,” Poole said. “It’s been really nice and we’ve been able to spread out with new activities and the corn maze.”

The corn maze itself takes more than three months of preparation, Poole said.

“We have another farmer that comes in, and he has this special programmer on his tractor that drops the seeds in the exact place it needs to go to make the design,” Poole said. “It’s really wild how they can do that.”

“My grandma and her husband have a little plane, and they’ve been flying over all the different maze formations in the area,” Burlingame said. “They’re really cool.”

After Halloween, the farmers will use the corn to feed their animals and level the fields until next summer to start with a brand new maze design.

“I just love seeing all the happy faces,” Poole said. “ Anything ‘fall’ is everyone’s favorite. I love the decorations, I love the weather, and I love being able to sell our homemade milk that we make right here and people visit from all over to buy. It’s such a fun process, and being a part of it is great.”