January 18, 2022

New stop signs going up on Valley View Drive

A brake for students, parents

Colin Spencer/staff reporter

A bus passes a temporary stop sign installed on Valley View Drive in Cortland on Monday. The city will install permanent stop signs near Cortland Junior-Senior High School this week or next.

Flashing stop signs on Valley View Drive in Cortland will be installed either this week or next week, a city official said Monday.

Nic Dovi, the superintendent for the Cortland Department of Public Works, said his department just needs to contact Dig Safely New York before a crew can install two LED stop signs on Valley View Drive at the entrance to Cortland Junior-Senior High School.

Temporary stop signs and road striping were added about two weeks ago.

“We put the temporaries up and striped the area to get people ready for the change,” he said.

The purchase of the two signs would cost about $2,750, Dovi said, all of which would come out of the city’s public safety fund.

The Cortland Common Council approved, 8-0, the installation of the signs during its Sept. 21 meeting.

“It makes a lot of sense to me,” Councilperson Kathryn Silliman (D-2nd Ward) said during the meeting. Having more stop signs is better for safety for teenage drivers.

Cortland Mayor Brian Tobin previously said the idea for the installation of all-way stops came to be because the intersection is busy in the mornings and afternoons as parents and school buses drop off and pick up students. That can create traffic congestion.

The signs can also act as a speed deterrent for people traveling across Valley View Drive to get to Main Street or Pendleton Street, he said.

Police Chief Paul Sandy also previously stated his support for the signs as it would not require the police department to have an officer at the intersection during arrival and dismissal, like it used to.

The department has faced a shortage of officers, he said, which, before the installation of the signs, meant having to pay an officer overtime to monitor the intersection in the morning and afternoon.

If that wasn’t an option, an officer would have to be pulled from other duties.