December 1, 2021

Roadwork rolls forward

Owego Street, Delaware Avenue jobs may finish soon

Colin Spencer/staff reporter

A Cortland Department of Public Works crew works Friday on Owego Street in Cortland. A number of projects in neighborhoods are causing neighbors to re-route their trips, but this project is expected to be completed soon.

Cortland resident Teddy Phillips is somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place living on Taylor Street.

Major road work has been happening throughout the year to the west on Delaware Avenue and to the east on Owego Street.

That can create some problems getting to and leaving his home, he said.

“They’ve been pretty good about having at least one side open but it’s been a little bit of a hassle,” Phillips said Friday.

Work on the two streets, though, may soon be completed and access made easier.

Crews from the Cortland Department of Public Works have been installing stormwater catch basins on Owego Street this week and should be finished by the end of next week, said Superintendent Nic Dovi.

Crews have been working between the former Paddy’s Pub to just north of Lansing Avenue.

After that work is complete, the road will be graded and curbing installed, Dovi said. The road will be paved following that.

Dovi said that work and paving should be completed either by Oct. 29 or during the first week of November.

The timing will rest on the availability of Suit-Kote Corp., which will pave the road.

“A lot of groups are paving and doing work right now,” Dovi said. “It’s just a matter of trying to get trucks and material.”

Small sections of the road have been closed, but Dovi said they change with the work being done.

Cars, though, were mostly able to get through on Friday.

Work on gas lines by New York State Electric & Gas Corp. on Delaware Avenue is scheduled to be done by the middle of next week, said Kelly Packard, the corporate communications manager for NYSEG.

Paving by the city after that will potentially happen during the week of Oct. 25 to 29, Dovi said.

That may make life a little easier for Phillips, who said he tends to leave for work and come back on Owego Street, but road work sometimes forces him to go around from Squires Street to Delaware Avenue.

While Taylor Street was closed to through traffic on Friday, Phillips said he hasn’t had problems with crews getting to or from his home.

“They’ve been fine with that kind of stuff,” he said.

Elsewhere in the city, Groton Avenue, Elm Street, Wheeler Avenue and Washington Street have all been milled or are in the process of being milled, Dovi said. SuitKote Corp. is doing that work.

“They’re basically ready to turn around and pave,” Dovi said.

Paving is tentatively scheduled to start Thursday or Friday on Wheeler Ave and then the middle of the following week on Groton Avenue, he said. Paving on Elm Street will follow that.

Paving also started on Clinton Avenue this week near Pomeroy and River streets, he said.

This will continue into next week.