December 1, 2021

Coronavirus briefs 10/22

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Tompkins County set to vaccinate 5- to 11-year-olds

The Tompkins County Health Department is working with pediatricians and school districts to plan several large vaccination clinics to inoculate children as young as 5 against COVID-19, the department announced Thursday.

The clinics would be in November, with second doses available in December.

That’s based on the expected federal Food and Drug Administration approval in early November of using the Pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11. It’s now approved for use on any patient over 12.

“This is an encouraging development in the COVID-19 pandemic, to be in a position to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for all school-aged youth,” said Tompkins County Public Health Director Frank Kruppa.

“Our plans for vaccination clinics are prioritizing the needs of families, accessibility and convenience.
We encourage everyone who is eligible and able to get vaccinated. Vaccines continue to be safe and effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death.”

As vaccine clinics are scheduled, details will be distributed by school districts, posted on the health department website and announced through local media.

The department also expects an announcement in the next few days approving the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines for booster doses, but with the likely influx of children seeking that vaccine, doesn’t expect booster-specific vaccination clinics.

Cortland County adds 17 cases

Cortland County confirmed 17 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, bringing it to 6,199 cases.

Tompkins and Cayuga counties reported 31 new cases Thursday. The number of people who have contracted the virus increased to 21,361 across Cortland, Tompkins and Cayuga counties since the pandemic began in March 2020. The number of people who have died from the virus remains 246.

  • The Cortland County Health Department was monitoring 405 patients, 143 of them confirmed positive. Five people were hospitalized. Since the pandemic began, 306 people have been hospitalized. The Cortland County Health Department has received 157,885 negative test results. The county has reported 80 deaths.
  • Tompkins County reported 13 new cases Thursday, reports the state Health Department. The number of confirmed cases rose to 6,504. A total of 2,621,570 tests have been administered. Fifty-nine Tompkins residents have died.
  • In Cayuga County, the state Health Department reported 18 new cases Thursday. Confirmed cases rose to 8,658. The state reports 255,796 tests have been administered. The state reports 107 people have died.

146,193 receive COVID vaccine in 3 counties

The state Health Department reported Wednesday that 26,374 Cortland County residents have received at least
one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, or 55.1% of the county’s total population and 64.1% of its people over 18. A total of 51.7% of the county has been fully vaccinated.

In Tompkins County, 75,567 people have received at least one dose, or 73.5% of the population and 81.3% of people over 18; 68.7% are fully vaccinated. In Cayuga County, 44,252 residents have received at least one dose, or 57.4% of the total population and 66.8% of people over 18; 53.2% are fully vaccinated.

Statewide, 14.18 million people have received at least one dose, or 73.2% of the state’s population and 86.3% of its people over 18; 65.7% of the total population is fully vaccinated, as is 77.7% of its people over 18.

Cortland County rate at 259 cases per 100,000

Cortland County reported 123 new cases of coronavirus from Oct. 14 to Wednesday. The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Cortland has 258.51 new cases per 100,000 people over the past week.

The county was listed as having a “high risk” of transmission. The CDC recommends indoor masking in counties that exceed 50 cases per 100,000 over seven days.

The rates and risk, from the CDC:
Cortland: 258.51 — high
Tompkins: 135.06 — high
Cayuga: 242.90 — high
Onondaga: 322.46 — high
Broome: 359.08 — high
Chenango: 277.50 — high
Tioga: 394.17 — high
Madison: 291.79 — high