January 20, 2022

Ringing in the sales

Small Business Saturday opens holiday buying season

Sarah Bullock/staff reporter

Abby Troyer works Wednesday at Lot 1, a vintage clothing store she opened with her husband Adam Troyer in August at 79 Main St., Cortland.

Small Business Saturday kicks off the most important buying season for area mom-and-pop shops this weekend, and they could cash in on worries about when online gifts might arrive.

“It’s huge,” Bob Haight, president and CEO of the Cortland Area Chamber of Commerce, said about Small Business Saturday. “We cannot overstate how important this is.”

A large percentage of local business’ yearly sales is generated between Thanksgiving to Christmas holiday shopping season, Haight said.

And shopping local has added advantages this year with supply-chain issues stranding goods in ports and warehouses, he said.

“Buy it today and there is no supplychain issue,” Haight said.

Another advantage is the customer service.

“They’re not there to pick up a paycheck,” Haight said of the business owners. “They’re there to serve customers. That’s what they do.”

The only downside? You might be outed for having the store clerk wrap the present for you, especially if you shop at Bev & Co. in Homer.

“It looks gorgeous when I leave,” Haight said of the gifts he’s bought there. “OK, my family’s gonna know I didn’t wrap this.”

At Lot 1, a vintage clothing store at 79 Main St., Cortland, owners Adam and Abby Troyer are looking forward to their first Small Business Saturday. They opened the shop in August.

“We’re excited,” said Adam Troyer. “It’s our first one on Main Street.”

Adam Troyer said he’s most excited for new people to discover Lot 1 and relive old times through vintage pieces.

“(They’ll) be able to be nostalgic about their past through their clothing,” he said.

Restaurant Manager Moises Guevara hopes shoppers will stop in at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant at 139 Main St. in Cortland.

“I would think people will come because most of the shops are on Main Street,” Guevara said. “If we have foot traffic, I think we will get some business, too.”

At least one shopper will be out Saturday: Bob Haight.

“I got a list on my phone,” Haight said, “and away I go.”