January 20, 2022

Coronavirus briefs 1/15

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Tompkins County ends contact tracing

Three days after the state made contact tracing optional for counties, and one day after Cortland County announced it would not longer track down people with close contact to COVID-19 patients, Tompkins County followed suit.

“Changes in priorities are in response to the increased transmissibility of COVID-19 and the shortened isolation and quarantine periods,” said Tompkins County Public Health Director Frank Kruppa on Friday. “As a result, contact tracing and case investigation have become less effective in stopping the spread for the general population. TCHD will shift our nursing and administrative resources to focus on testing, educational outreach and vaccination, tools that continue to have a big impact on keeping our community healthy.”

People who test positive for COVID should isolate at home for five days, then if they no longer have symptoms, should wear a well-fitting mask for five more days, he said. They should also contact people who have been close contacts, to warn them to quarantine and get tested.

Cortland County: 187 new cases

Cortland County confirmed 187 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, bringing its total to 10,271.

Tompkins and Cayuga counties reported 391 new cases. The number of people who have contracted the virus increased to 38,100 across Cortland, Tompkins and Cayuga counties since the pandemic began in March 2020. The number of people who have died from the virus remains 288.

  • The Cortland County Health Department was monitoring 296 active cases. It no longer reports data of contacts yet to be confirmed positive. Six people were hospitalized. Since the pandemic began, 429 people have been hospitalized. The state Health Department reports 250,589 tests have been administered. The county has reported 90 deaths.
  • Tompkins County reported 210 cases Friday, reports the state Health Department. The number of confirmed cases rose to 14,223. The state reports 2,848,832 tests have been administered. Seventy-four Tompkins residents have died.
  • In Cayuga County, the state Health Department reported 181 new cases Friday. Confirmed cases rose to 13,585. The state reports 311,521 tests have been administered. The state reports 124 people have died.

Cortland County rate now at 1,599 per 100,000

Cortland County reported 761 new cases of coronavirus from Jan. 7 to Thursday. The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Cortland has 1,599.38 new cases per 100,000 people over the past week.

Cortland County was listed as having a “high risk” of transmission. The CDC recommends indoor masking in counties that exceed 50 cases per 100,000 over seven days.

The rates and risk, from the CDC:
Cortland: 1,599.38 — high
Tompkins: 1,450.38 — high
Cayuga: 1,482.19 — high
Onondaga: 2,302.36 — high
Broome: 1,556.00 — high
Chenango: 1,069.76 — high
Tioga: 1,589.11 — high
Madison: 1,165.76 — high

159,121 receive COVID vaccine

The state Health Department reports 28,685 Cortland County residents have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, or 60% of the county’s total population and 67.5% of its people over 18. A total of 56.1% of the county has been fully vaccinated.

In Tompkins County, 82,249 people have received at least one dose, or 80% of the population and 84.7% of people over 18; 73.2% are fully vaccinated.

In Cayuga County, 48,187 residents have received at least one dose, or 62.5% of the total population and 70.5% of people over 18; 57.8% are fully vaccinated.

Statewide, 15.97 million people have received at least one dose, or 85.8% of the state’s population; 72.8% of the total population is fully vaccinated.