October 22, 2021

State program to study honeybee decline

June 27, 2016

Sweet: New York honey production is up 9 percent in the past year. Sting: Pollinator colonies — the number of bees, moths and other species — have dropped 50 percent in four years, and migratory […]

Phillips, Tenney, Wells seek 22nd District seat

June 25, 2016

Cortland County’s 9,700 Republicans have an interesting power next week: Their nominee for the House of Representatives could be a key figure in whether the majority in the House flips to Democrat from Republican. Republican […]

Maple syrup boom bypasses Cortland

June 24, 2016

Maple producers expected a sour year for 2016. Instead, they set a record for syrup production. Except in Cortland County. “We were just about average,” said Randy Ensign of Marathon, whose family produced a bit […]

State measures fight zombie properties

June 23, 2016

ALBANY — Municipalities struggling to rehabilitate and eliminate long-vacant properties have received assistance from the state Legislature in the form of an amendment Friday forcing banks and mortgage holders to either maintain properties or face […]

Joggers urged to take simple safety steps

June 21, 2016

With summer upon us, people looking to jog for exercise will be looking toward the early morning and evening hours when the heat from the summer sun isn’t as strong. It’s during this time that […]

Dryden fire damages apartments

June 20, 2016

DRYDEN — Nobody was injured Sunday morning after a fire, which started in a 1996 Saturn, spread to and ripped through a building housing a vacant office and two apartments. Around 6:50 a.m. Sunday fire […]

TC3 building needs $3.5 million roof

June 17, 2016

DRYDEN — If the buckets to catch rainwater weren’t a good clue that Tompkins Cortland Community College needs a new roof, the video showing portions of the roof puffing up like a balloon in the […]

Groton man hits $1M lottery jackpot

June 16, 2016

DRYDEN — A Groton man on Wednesday claimed his prize money after winning $1 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket in recent weeks. Lee Houghtling, 26, was surrounded by family, friends and several news outlets […]

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