January 18, 2022

‘Now, hemp is my life’

November 26, 2021

SUMMERHILL — When he was a young boy, Peter Allis listened to his grandfather’s stories about the usefulness of hemp, and he has wanted to grow fiber hemp ever since. “Before it was made illegal, […]

Getting an up-close look at ag

August 10, 2021

The legislators will watch the chickens made ready for sale; they’ll see cows and flowers and all the ways agriculture works in Cortland County. And when they’re done, organizers of a farm tour Sept. 25 […]

Search still on for county planning director

December 22, 2020

Nearly five months after Cortland County’s planning director retired, the county has delayed action on hiring a successor. County legislators were supposed to meet in a special Budget and Finance Committee session Thursday, ahead of […]

Hemp in holding pattern

August 26, 2020

As hemp growers prepare to harvest their crop, many questions still remain about the future of hemp, with growers, processors and manufacturers left waiting on two federal agencies and the state to decide how to […]

Fortifying the link

May 9, 2020

Matt DeHart inventories his produce before placing an order as Bryn Carr grabs a bottle of milk from a cooler. The milk was bottled a few miles away. Nearby, Linda Spencer waits in a checkout […]

State helps farmers, but future still bleak

April 29, 2020

No farmer wants to pour perfectly good milk onto the ground, but supply chain problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic have required it. Now, however, a new state initiative may send it to hungry people. […]

A growing interest in pot

February 8, 2020

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct a misattributed quote. Trevor Sherman stands in a barn, filled to the rafters with hemp, drying on lines as it is prepared for market. If he […]

Mild winter a mixed bag

January 30, 2020

Week one: snow, rain, frigid temperatures and the grounds freeze. Week two: balmy temperatures, less precipitation and the ground thaws. Repeat. Repeat it again. And again. That’s the cycle Cortland County and most of New […]

Farm to school taking root

August 8, 2019

If everything works out as planned, in a few years, Cortland County students will eat lunches prepared with locally grown food, including food that they will have grown themselves in school gardens that will have […]

Feeding while teaching

July 18, 2019

Charlotte Love bent down, brushed the lettuce leaves over until she could see the stem and chopped down, removing the large dark green lettuce head from the stem. She then put it in a container […]

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