December 6, 2021

‘Snakeman’ to bring reptiles to park

July 8, 2019

MARATHON — It started out with a snake. Just one. Then it was one more. Then another. Then it was lizards, turtles, frogs. Somehow an alligator joined the menagerie. And a tarantula. And, of course, […]

CNY SNAP settles into new location

June 23, 2019

Kaaren Pierce wasn’t quite sure why — maybe it was because she was a teacher, she thought — but when feral cats roamed her street in Marathon, her neighbors came to her. “There were cats […]

Volunteers go extra mile for rescue dogs

December 9, 2018

Paulette Chandler doesn’t mess around when she’s moving a rescue dog from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Homer. The Tennessee woman works with a network of about 20 people — all volunteers — who will drive a […]