January 20, 2022

Group plans to demonstrate for BLM every Tuesday

June 10, 2020

As demonstrations against police brutality continue across the country, 30 people gathered at noon Tuesday outside Grace and Holy Spirit Church at 13 Court St. in Cortland to protest in solidarity with the Black Lives […]

Protesters march on Main Street in Homer

June 8, 2020

Reed Cleland, a member and organizer of Cortland’s Black Lives Matter group, prepared the hushed crowd at Homer’s Durkee Memorial Park for Saturday’s march. “The question I want everyone here to ask yourself: Are you […]

Church, youth bureau vandalized

June 3, 2020

Several months after Unitarian Universalist Church officials found a swastika spray-painted on the organization’s doors, they found the letters ALM spray-painted in red on their outdoor sign Tuesday. But not just there. On the sidewalk […]

Black Lives Matter protest comes to Homer

May 31, 2020

The black Honda sport utility vehicle southbound on South Main Street in Homer slowed down Saturday afternoon as it passed a dozen people holding signs reading “Black Lives Matter.” The SUV’s horn beeped and a […]

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