December 6, 2021

Hard Work, Sweet Reward

March 21, 2021

Ben Hanna is not one to squander his resources. The Cortlandville man took note of a row of maple trees in his back yard when he bought his house. The 30-year-old, an engineer, decided he’d […]

Finding creativity amid COVID

March 1, 2021

Greater Cortland area artists contributed work to the Cortland Repertory Theatre Downtown’s art exhibition highlighting the creative thoughts and hindrances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Musicians can livestream a concert, but never hear the applause. […]

C’ville Planning Board pans solar projects

February 24, 2021

The Cortlandville Planning Board voted Tuesday that construction of two side-by-side solar projects proposed off Bell Crest Drive near St. Mary’s Cemetery would cause significant environmental damage. The board voted, 4-0, as part of the […]