November 30, 2021

City council discusses parking fix

July 9, 2020

Councilman Troy Beckwith proposed at Tuesday’s city Common Council meeting legalizing overnight parking, or odd/ even parking, at the lot across Franklin Street from Dexter Park to help ease parking problems on the city’s east […]

Heading into neighborhoods

June 24, 2020

Jesse Abbott sat at one end of a folding table Tuesday morning between the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Marketplace Mall in Cortland, chatting with Tom Larson. They discussed sports, lacrosse in particular, and […]

Playgrounds begin reopening in Cortland County

June 20, 2020

Christy Stevens stood Friday at Beaudry Park in Cortland while her granddaughter Naya Lopez played with other children on the playground. “It’s a beautiful day in Cortland when the parks are open,” Stevens said. Playgrounds […]

Rats gone from Dexter Park?

September 12, 2018

Mulch at Dexter Park’s playground in Cortland will be removed now that little to no rat activity has been observed in passing weeks. “I did speak with Sweeney’s (Pest Elimination) … They have had very […]

Rat fight to take 5 weeks

August 15, 2018

The rats that have taken up residence in Dexter Park in Cortland are slowly being poisoned, but it could take five weeks before they are eradicated, neighbors were told Tuesday. That’s because they are very […]

Cortland tackles rats at Dexter Park

August 11, 2018

Neighbors said Friday the rat problem at Dexter Park that Cortland officials were grappling with started at a home next to the park that has been infested with rats for weeks. Anthony Dintino, who lives […]

Comeback for yardbirds

August 10, 2018

DRYDEN — Brianna Timmons of Cortland loves the five chickens she’s able to keep in her yard because they allow her to control where the eggs she is feeding her family come from and it’s […]