December 2, 2021

City home prices: Stable, affordable

June 23, 2018

 Take the typical house in Cortland County, maybe on Groton Avenue in Cortland, maybe on Main Street. Maybe in Marathon, maybe in McGraw. It’s about 1,600 square feet, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms. There’s […]

Behind the (store)front

June 2, 2018

Wandering down Main Street in Cortland, eateries and bars abound, but what is glaringly absent are the retail establishments that were once the staple of every downtown. There are a few: Bernard’s on Main Street, […]

Economic path seen in expansion

April 7, 2018

Cortland County Legislature Chairman Charles Sudbrink fears the county’s tax rate makes it unappealing to the large outside companies he’d like to come to the county to help its economy. The tax rate can be […]

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