October 23, 2021

125 tons of cardboard recycled

March 13, 2020

After a recycling center worker spread a load of materials across the floor Wednesday, Trisha Jesset, the Cortland County deputy highway superintendent, spent several minutes going through the pile and removing pieces of cardboard for […]

Newcomer wins race in Harford

November 22, 2019

Absentee ballots were the deciding factor Thursday as Democratic candidate Scott Stairs defeated Republican incumbent Jack Holcomb Jr., 125 to 120, for Harford highway superintendent. The two candidates were tied at 116 votes after the […]

Harford Democrat caucus picks Stairs

June 20, 2019

An unaffiliated candidate won the Democratic nomination in a three-way race for Harford town highway superintendent this week, following a Republican caucus last week where more people voted than were eligible. Scott Stairs won the […]