October 21, 2021

Return of the flu

September 25, 2021

Last year, the number of influenza cases in Cortland County was down 99% from the year before. Thank all those COVID-19 protocols: masks, social distancing and hand-washing. It’s not going to be that easy this […]

Keep the flu at bay

December 9, 2020

Influenza cases are creeping up in Cortland County, causing health officials to urge residents to get vaccinated this year to prevent further demand on hospitals that are already dealing with coronavirus patients. “We’re still going […]

‘Tis the season: Get your flu shot

October 30, 2019

With one confirmed flu case in Cortland County, health officials are urging people to get the shot to prevent the spread of the disease and skip the boxes of tissues, bowls of hot soup and […]

Flu avoids us … so far

December 4, 2018

While influenza has been on the rise across the state, Cortland County has seen little activity in the last couple of months. But that could change. There have only been two confirmed cases of the […]