January 20, 2022

Crime increasing

December 4, 2021

Crime increased 17% in 2020 compared to the year before in Cortland County, state data show, in a year when the coronavirus pandemic was behind both an increase — and a decrease — in criminal […]

‘More and more frequent’

April 24, 2021

When Kevin Sharp began his career as the Tioga County coroner in the 1990s, opioid-related overdose deaths were rare. More than 20 years later, about 25% of all deaths investigated in Cortland County are related […]

The roots of reform

March 27, 2021

Since the first recorded import in 1619 of captured Black people by Portuguese slavers from what is now Angola to colonial Virginia, America has dealt with racism: the legal and systemic racism of slavery, Jim […]

Tab for county jail repairs: $2.2 million

August 7, 2019

In the final tally, repairing a 12-foot roof seam and other issues in the Cortland County Jail cost the county $2.2 million, including the cost to board inmates out while the work was done, county […]

Officers needed

July 24, 2019

The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office could be down six officers by the end of the summer and is also down eight corrections officers. Recruiting is happening, but fewer people are applying and fewer make it […]

Construction ahead

March 25, 2019

Orange and white striped cones are already out on the service road for Interstate 81’s Exit 12 in Homer, where road crews are replacing guardrails. It’s a sign of one of the longest seasons in […]

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