December 2, 2021

Costs cause county to trash recycling for now

February 4, 2020

Cortland County residents should still recycle, but material outside the city of Cortland will be dumped into the county landfill for a while, said Highway Superintendent Charlie Sudbrink. “We don’t want to change the message […]

County’s recycling operation expenses to increase

January 9, 2020

Two days after Cortland County officials took over recycling operations, the facility to which it shipped materials for processing was destroyed in a fire, meaning the county must pay more money to contract with another […]

Concerns over recycling

December 28, 2019

Linda Falter of Highland Road had stopped Wednesday at Aldi in Cortlandville to get some groceries and said she had yet to hear from her hauler, Leach’s Custom Trash Removal, about how it would handle […]

City glass separation to begin Feb. 3

December 18, 2019

Starting Feb. 3, Cortland residents will be required to modify their recycling habits, following a county-imposed recycling change deadline that kicks in Jan. 1. The city’s Common Council adopted a resolution, 6-0, Tuesday to change […]

City reaches no solution on glass recycling

December 4, 2019

A quick civic quiz question for Cortland city residents: What are you supposed to do with your recyclable glass come Jan. 1? Answer: There is no answer. On Jan. 1, the Cortland County recycling center […]

Recycling changes ahead

November 29, 2019

Bo Nelson picked up a small plastic cookie container and crunched it in front of Judy Jackson. “Crunchy is garbage,” he said. Then he picked up a milk jug removing the cap and squeezed it. […]

Recycling more costly

October 9, 2019

An increase in recyclables at the Cortland County recycling center, a decrease in the price of recyclables as a commodity and inadequate budgeting has caused Cortland County to fall short in paying its recycling bills. […]

Worn clothes reborn

May 7, 2019

Two old orange sweatshirts made the Fred Flintstone costume Adolis Burgos was modeling. He walked the stage shortly after Regina Ferro showed off her Scarlett O’Hara-inspired dress, which was three dresses molded into one. The […]

Saving through separating

March 16, 2019

Charlie Sudbrink stood next to a 10- yard dumpster, no taller than 4 feet, that was half-filled with glass bottles at the Cortland County Recycling Center. While the bottles nestled against the side of the […]

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