October 21, 2021

Ready to make its move

August 26, 2021

Planning for where Cortland ReUse would have its store and community space could lead to planning paralysis at times, John Zelson, the board president of Cortland ReUse, said Wednesday. Going over spaces and reviewing models […]

Donation event in Dryden helps recycle old items

September 14, 2020

Seeing the different household items given away during Saturday’s drop-off event for Finger Lakes ReUse in Dryden gave an insight into people’s lives. There were ski racks, chairs and even a bathtub that people gave […]

ReUse stores have a ripple effect

September 29, 2019

Using an object again and again, and not throwing it away, is a powerful thing, Robin Elliott said. And anyone can do it. In today’s world, that’s exciting, she said. “There’s climate change, global issues […]

Panel considers reuse center

September 25, 2019

A Cortland community committee is looking for feedback from residents and business owners so it can determine whether there is a need and desire for a reuse center where people can buy reusable items, like […]