January 21, 2022

Truxton senior center reopens

October 12, 2021

Truxton resident Mary Ann Gotie wasn’t too interested in the old senior center, but when she found out the seniors were using grant funding to design their own programs, she was on board. “I’m very […]

Get lost in the adventure

September 20, 2021

From the moment he arrived at Trinity Valley Dairy Farm, Henry Donah, 10, was jumping with excitement. “I want to get lost in the corn maze,” Donah said Saturday, opening day for the maze in […]

Truxton seniors learn about center changes

July 2, 2021

Senior citizens across Cortland County can expect big changes in their senior centers within the next few months. The county will step away from the centers, offering help with grant applications in a move that […]

Kids go all out in NYS beef contest

March 7, 2021

What does an owl named Orphelia have to do with a burrito? That’s a question only a third-grader in Truxton Academy Charter School could answer. Jennifer Hull’s class came home with a first place win […]

Cortland County: Amid virus spike, curb activities

October 20, 2020

Cortland County leaders asked residents to curtail their daily activities because of a recent spike in COVID19 cases. “It’s those small parties, non-essential activities, unnecessary trips to the store, or just connecting with people you […]

Homer village working on river project

August 21, 2020

Karina Murphy has lived in Cortland since the mid-1990s. One of her favorite things to do in the summer is to launch canoes in the Tioughnioga River. However, there are few launch sites. She knows […]

‘Truxton Against The World’

August 2, 2020

By BILL ORZELL Contributing Writer The John J. McGraw monument in Truxton is a dignified, uncomplicated sculpture. Yet it captures a great deal of what might be described as “the essence of the game,” with […]

Truxton residents get polling place back

June 19, 2020

Truxton residents will once again be able to vote Tuesday at the Truxton fire station after a judge ruled that the Cortland County Board of Elections failed to give party chairs an opportunity to be […]

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