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CortlandJoe McIntyre/staff photographer
Kathleen Tavarone, of Jewett Avenue, shown outside her house Monday, said the area’s rising number of meth-related incidents is an issue, but believes police are working to address the drug problem.

City’s crime troubles have some residents wary

Julie Porter, 47, won’t let her 17-year-old daughter walk to a friend’s house one-tenth of a mile away from their house on Hyatt Street at night. She also watches the kids on her street because one never knows who might come walking down the road, she said Monday.
Porter and some other city residents asked about their reaction to recent events say the growing role crime and drugs are playing in the community concerns them. Some say the city has changed over the last few years, and Porter said conditions have deteriorated from when she grew up in the city.
On Oct. 7 a city resident, Jayquan S. Hines, 29, was found on Pine Streetlying under a truck and badly beaten. He died Oct. 14 at University Hospital in Syracuse. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, city police officials have said.





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